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At present we mainly arrange tours in Zhenglan Qi (or Zhenglan Banner) , Xilingol, Inner Mongolia. But if you would like to consult travel informations about other places of Inner Mongolia, I'd be glad to help you.    The main points of our tours:    ★ World Heritage "The Site of Xanadu"                ★ Stay in "Xanadu yurt" in rural area, get authentic experience of local herder's life.       ...
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Xanadu hostel  in Shangdu town,is located in south of the Kublai Square,center of the town and just 2km distance from the bus station. Kublai square is about 100 thousand m2 ,whi...


★ Located in historical, nomadic, natural place -XANADU - Summer Capital of Yuan Dynasty, UNESCO World Heritage ★ Enjoy and get nomadic experience via herder's way of life- Visit and live together w...


Mongolian ger/ yurts means “house, home” is referred as the White Pearl of the Steppe. It is not only practical in daily use, but holds many meanings for Mongolians. The ger perfected to meet the demands of a...


    In 1260, Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, established the Yuan dynasty. It was the first foreign dynasty to rule all of China. In this period the Yuan empire controlled a vast territ...

why choose us?

 The nearest nomadic pastoral area from Beijing
 English speaking Mongolian tour guide 
World Heritage" The Site of Xanadu" 
Real home stay experience, stay in yurt.
Stay middle of the grassland, far from crowded tourists
Very unique landscape with grassland,lakes,sand dunes in one place
Activities like horseback riding,sand sliding,archery, cows milking...
 Reasonable price, no hidden cost 
 Communicate with our guests,introduce local culture, customs and history

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